The 2 Ingredient Banana Egg Pancakes (10 Min,Vegetarian)

这是世界上最简单的薄煎饼配方,只有两种成分(鸡蛋和香蕉),而且非常快-从碗到盘只需几分钟!Simple and tasty.| 188bet官网

Oh so easy!!

Pancakes.Fiddly and frustrating to make,fatty to eat.Taste awesome though.Surely there must be some sort of middle ground??

What if I told you it's possible to make pancakes fromjust two ingredients– bananas and eggs?’MADNESS!!' I hear you cry.But it's true.

Banana Egg Pancakes | 188bet官网

Health Benefits – Banana Egg Pancakes

One banana and two eggs will knock up a brilliant breakfast for one person – and one that's full of vitamin b6 – which is normally found in fish and meat.

It helps tostop skin rashes,fatigue and mood swingsand is used with over 100 different enzymes in the body (

They're also full of manganese which is used forbone production,skin integrityand for血糖控制.


Want more?Well on top of they even contain high amounts of fiber,钾和蛋白质。What are you waiting for??

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The 2 Ingredient Banana Egg Pancakes

这是世界上最简单的薄煎饼配方,只有两种成分(鸡蛋和香蕉),而且非常快-从碗到盘只需几分钟!Simple and tasty.
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Vegetarian
Prep Time 3 分钟
Cook Time 7 分钟
Total Time 10 分钟
Servings pancake
Calories 231 kcal
Author 188bet官网


  • banana
  • 2 eggs


  1. Mash up bananas in a large bowl
  2. Whisk eggs (using a fork is just fine!) and add to banana paste
  3. Fry in a pan with a little heated oil or butter


更新:Wow!We received a lot of ideas for extra ingredients to pimp these pancakes up.看看下面!(All optional of course)

For the batter:
* 1 tbsp of coconut powder
* A small handful of hazelnuts,almonds or walnuts
* 1 tbsp of protein powder
* 1 tbsp of raisins
* 1 tsp of cinnamon
* 1 tsp of vanilla extract
* A few thin slices of apple or pears
* Pumpkin puree (organic)

Topping ideas:
* Honey
* Cherries,草莓
* Yogurt
* Sugar and lemon juice

Tried the recipe?We're all curious!Send us a pic via instagram by tagging@188bet官网hurrythefoodup或者在下面留言。

Oh,and if you're feeling even more adventurous with your pancake journey,you need to check out ourdefinitive collection of healthy vegan pancakes!!

你需要一个不粘锅来做这些煎饼,that's it.对你现在的不满意?看看你怎么想this pan.

我最近开始用椰子油代替黄油来炸这些家伙,我不得不说这真的很好!If you want,givecoconut oila shot.

Nutrition Facts
The 2 Ingredient Banana Egg Pancakes
每次用量(206 g)
Calories231 Calories from Fat 81
% Daily Value*
Total Fat9g 14%
Saturated Fat 2.8g 14%
Cholesterol327mg 109%
Sodium124mg 5%
Potassium540mg 15%
Total Carbohydrates28g 9%
Dietary Fiber 3.5g 14%
Sugars 14.7g
Protein12g 24%
Vitamin A 10%
维生素C 18%
Calcium 6%
Iron 10%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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  1. i never would have thought it was possible to just make pancakes out of bananas and eggs..definitely something i will be trying in my kitchen!!

    • I also was amazed,when I heard of it,haha. just posted the very first comment on this blog!!What a great moment (more for me and Dave than for you I assume 😉 )

    • Love these!Thanks for sharing!!!
      Some tweaks…

      1 egg + 1 egg white
      Dash of cinnamon
      2/3 banana medium
      1 Tbs ground flaxseed
      1/4tsp almond extract

    • They are amazing!!Tried them this morning and a definite hit!!!

  2. I loved the recipe!!I liked the outcome 😉 I modified it a little bit though,to make it"利格斯I used just one egg yolk.It was delicious,但它有点粘锅。谢谢

  3. I was just thinking about making this the other day!I saw it in one of my Asian cookbooks,where it was mentioned as a popular dessert,but it had no proportions.All it said was"mash a banana with egg and fry it"haha,so I'm really happy to see it here with an actual recipe 😀

  4. 很高兴成为这个令人惊叹的网站D的几个客户之一。ecdbadgeekdk

  5. 格泽戈尔茨威拉德

    我已经说过了吗?that I love it??

  6. Yummy!My new favourite recipe for pancakes!!

  7. I love making this recipe.It's delicious!I add two tbsp of flour to make it tastier.

  8. wow.I haven't had pancakes in years just because I feel so….dirty,bloated and blech… after the starch.I just had these (for dinner!) and I'm soooo happy that I can enjoy pancakes and feel WELL after!!!

    • I agree!!My moms pancakes are delicious but always left me bloated and tired.These ones are not like that at all!I just made a batch again,this time I added peanut butter (naughty).

      • How about adding some peanut butter powder?You still get the flavor and the protein,just not the extra fat.

        • Peanut butter powder?never heard of it,但我绝对肯定它很好用!I often use various"粉体就像磨碎的杏仁,hazelnut or coconut.
          Can't go wrong!😀

  9. wow.Can I rate this recipe with negative stars?The pancakes did NOT come out as a perfect circle.Also check your facts this recipe is from Norway you RACIST!!!!!!!!

    • That's strange.Usually they always come out as perfect circles,just like cats always fall on their feet.
      The girl in the video is Norwegian,that should fulfil your requirements

    • Wow,Sue Dougnym,you are rude.Howiethis is a delicious recipe.感谢您发帖。

    • Try using parchment paper between the pancake and pan,I just read that last night on a blog.它实际上是用来防止煎蛋粘在一起的……我讨厌这种情况发生……但我想它也可以帮助防止煎饼粘在一起。Who knew parchment paper had so many uses!希望你选择再试一次会更好!!

      • Interesting idea,never thought of it!你有没有视频或其他东西来演示怎么做?我喜欢用一把黄油,然后用纸巾涂上。Works great for me 🙂

    • Suggestion: if your so anal that you want them pefectly round try a smaller frying pan.Myself and those I have made them for,found they are so delicious we don't care what they look like,but really have never had an issue so it must be something you did.我怀疑这只是一个无聊的人寻找反应。Good on you Howie for not lowering yourself to their level.

    • How is Sue these days?Hoping life is working out better for her and the pancakes became more friend than foe.

    • This comment was so unnecessary and throwing around the word racist?你应该为自己感到羞耻

  10. Looks very easy and fast to cook.I will give it a try.

  11. I tried the banana egg pancakes this morning for breakfast.Add some raisins,cinnamon and peanut butter – perfect!!

  12. Tried this recipe for breakfast and it was delicious!我加了一大汤匙的PB2花生酱粉,我四岁的双胞胎对食物的质地很奇怪,so I smoothed out the mixture with my immersion blender before pouring it in the skillet.It made flipping them a challenge for me because they were more like crepes,but still very tasty.Thanks!🙂

    • Great to hear Tara!I never knew there's powdered peanut butter!!
      Funny that you say that with the blender.Once I also blent my batter.The texture wasn't ideal for anymore though and they fell apart after trying to flip them.I guess mixing the batter by hand is the way to go 😉

  13. these are wonderful!I thought that they would be quite horrible,but they are to die for!!

    • Thanks for you feedback Katie!I totally agree!!!Normally I don't eat eggs and I thought these pancakes definitely weren't for me.But wow,I was wrong 😀

  14. Made them closer to silver dollar size pancakes for our kids.Can't believe how close these are in texture to real pancakes.So good!Added cinnamon,coconut flakes and sliced almonds.Topped with whipped cream.So yummy!Can't wait to make them again.Very easy recipe and my little ones loved helping to smash the bananas,crack the eggs,choose our add ins,and mix it all together.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment,Shane!That's exactly how I prepare these pancakes every morning.I started adding a very small tablespoon of peanut butter as well.It gives those pancakes an even better texture.Glad you liked them!!😀

      • I had these in mexico at a cancer center and they were delicious!I finally tried to make them and the batter was real Watery and they stuck to the pan.I read an earlier post to use a newer pan I'm not ready to give up any suggestions?I haven't tried the parchment paper yet but I'll give it a shot in the morning!!

  15. I am so excited for my toddler to wake up so I can make this for her.I can't cook at all but I think I could handle this.I'll let you know how she likes it!!

  16. These were fabulous.We put chocolate chips in ours.Also,当时间到了翻转蛋糕的时候,I use another pan to flip it into.My picky 5 year old gal loved them as did I!!

    • Chocolate chips,yesss!!!Also genious idea to use two pans.What is do is,I quater the pancake before flipping it,then turn around quater by quater.Works also excellent 🙂

  17. These were so good!I didnt have any maple syrup so I added chocolate chips:) will deff make them again!This is a no guilt recipe 🙂

  18. Thanks for sharing this!超级简单,我们喜欢!Just made a short blog post about it!have a look at it 🙂

  19. Loved it!I am trying to eat healthier and this was super filling it was delicious.

  20. 我正在一个低碘饮食治疗癌症,真的想做这些。Can you use egg substitute??

    • 嗨,伊丽莎白,thanks for the question.老实说,我从来没有尝试过用鸡蛋代替……一个快速搜索显示了一些鸡蛋替代薄煎饼的想法: you have another substitute in mind then I'd say just give it a go anyway…many of our recipes were created through trial and error 🙂 Happy cooking and a speedy recovery!!

  21. Love this recipe too.The first time I heard about it,我虽然“电子战。No way!"But then I gave it a try because it's easy and I almost always have the ingredients on hand and it's healthy.

    At first taste,I thought it was a little strange.Then,for whatever reason,I became addicted to these!Now I make them all the time.

    They can burn quickly and sometimes are hard to flip… but hey,that just means you have to keep making more to practice and perfect your technique.呵呵

    By the way,is there a way to bake these instead?我为我不得不在锅上喷洒的油感到内疚。

  22. I just made these,they taste like banana bread.All I added was Vanilla extract and some protein powder

    • Yes,they do!!I also went from cinnamon to vanilla extract for a while.很好的变化!Protein powder is a good one too,if you are into working out.

  23. I'm surprised nobody mentioned this,but adding 1 tbsp of melted butter for each egg in the batter definitely solved the problem of burning pancakes for me.Of course,从技术上讲,这是成功的。”3-ingredient pancakes",but these are perfect and won't stick at all.Of course,you might want to substitute coconut oil for the butter if that's your thing.

    • Hmm,sounds very interesting!从来没想过。尽管如此,you are basically suggesting to add 2 tbsp of butter per batter.That's a lot in my opinion.I throw about half a tbsp of butter into the pan.That's a little more moderate I think 😉

  24. My new favourite breakfast.Love them with walnuts and raisins in the batter and served with natural yoghurt and fresh fruit.Thanks Dave!!

  25. These were amazing I seriously had my doubts,they almost tasted like a real pancake haha,I added blended mangos with banana on mine for syrup alternative

  26. Emily Dreist

    I love this recipe and have been using it for years!I add a scoop of vegain vanilla protein powder on days I know my activity level is goingto be hhigher than normal to give me extra energy!!

  27. 几周前我见过这个……今天决定试试。Was pleasantly surprised they were easy to make only down side was I felt the egg over powered the flavor of the bananas.In one pancake I added mint chocolate ships and thought it was amazing.If I could try and get a better banana flavor next time I'll let you know what I find.

    • Thanks for the feedback Michael,we're very glad you gave them a try 🙂 yep there are loads of different variations to be had,my favourite is definitely peanut butter.For a more bananary flavour,I found older,softer bananas help a lot.Let us know how the next batch go!!

  28. I want to make these tomorrow,but the only bananas I have are frozen.Will that affect the pancakes taste or texture??

    • Hi Kyra,,
      sorry for the late reply!I was on a wedding over the weekend and actually made these banana egg pancakes in the morning for a bunch of people!!
      Wow,good question!I don't know.I guess it won't have a big effect since you have to mush them anyway

  29. I've been seeing this recipe for awhile now (on multiple sites) and I finally decided to try it.I can't believe how good it is.One egg seemed to work best for me with a tiny bit of flour.那么多味道,没有任何添加,但加上配料的味道更令人难以置信

  30. I'm going to try for sure.I always have bananas & don't always eat them before they go bad.This will be a great thing for me to try when my bananas are ripe!兴奋的!!

  31. Stephanie Montes

    I think I will add a honey/raw blueberry sauce on top or almond butter….Thanks for the recipe…I will add it to my Healthy Grub FB page.

    • That sounds great Stephanie!I haven't had these for a few weeks now…but you've just convinced me it's time again 🙂

  32. Sweet recipe.I make pancakes quite often,so to see a 5 minute mix and cook I was interested to see how it works.As others have said flipping can be tricky but I'm sure personal experimenting and adding ones own ingredients will change that.My 1st 1 went fine but the 2nd did not,it became mangled after the flip,as i do with omelettes when they fail i just scrambled it and BAM!炒香蕉蛋!5* =D

    • Thanks for the feedback Andy!我也这么做,even though I can say without being cocky that my banana egg pancakes flip perfectly 99.5% of the time now 😉

  33. Fab recipe!I'd seen this a few weeks back,but lack of bananas and eggs made it impossible to make (obvs,lol) then a diagnosis of gestational diabetes (I'm 32 weeks with twins) made me think of it again,especially for a birthday treat today,我加了一茶匙花生酱,and they were delicious!Very bizarre flavour,but very moreish too,might try adding more peanut butter and a splash of vanilla extract next time,but definitely going to make them again!I did find they burnt quite a bit,but I think my pan was a bit hot,and also I think some of the darkness was from the banana cooking as well 🙂 Xxx

    • Hi Rose!Thanks a lot for your comment!!
      Yep,sometimes the pan can get a little to hot and they burn quicker than they can cook.花生酱和香草精是完美的添加!I actually like the texture,but well,我能说什么?I'm biased 😉

  34. I love the pancakes,my little grandson is on a very low sugar diet.For his birthday I made mini cupcakes by adding some organic pumpkin and a little bit of honey to the banana/eggs ingredients.他爱他们!!

    • Thanks for sharing,Terry!!
      Love the idea of adding organic pumkin!!I'll add it to the list of"cool add ons"🙂
      Glad to hear your grandson likes these pancakes!!!

  35. A fantastic post workout breakfast!I had mine with 2 tbsp almond butter.Gorgeous!!

  36. 我加了细磨的亚麻籽和苹果派香料(肉豆蔻,cinnamon and allspice ) DELICIOUS!Thank you,thank you!I hate eggs and this was so good!!

  37. This recipe looks really nice but you didn't specify fully on the on the pan heat,is it low,medium or high??

  38. Hi,I am looking for a healthy and quick pancake recipe because I love my pancakes and am craving them a lot right now!This looks great and I defintely want to try it.Say,will this make two pancakes or will I have too add two banaas and 4 eggs for 2 pancakes??

    • You could make it two relatively small pancakes with 1 banana and 2 eggs.But I count it as one pancake.For two people,I'd make it 4 eggs and 2 bananas!🙂

  39. 你好,,

    刚刚做了第二次薄煎饼。我仍然很难翻转它们,but I guess I will have to invest in a good pan 😉 I added a bit of cinnamon and vanilla extract in the mix and topped the first with sautéed apples,肉桂和一些葡萄干,added a pancake and topped the second layer with stewed bananas.Mmmmmm,这么好!!

    • 嗨,亚历克斯!Haa,yes they can be a little tricky to flip.I recommend using a lid so that the pancake also"hardens"from the top.It makes a biig difference!!
      Glad you like the pancakes!Just had my one a couple of minutes ago 😀

  40. Mine turned out a bit wet.Still tasted good,but it was a bit of an odd texture.Any suggestions??

    • Hi Anne!!
      Hmm,what was the texture like??
      If the pancakes were a little too sweet I assume your bananas were a bit too ripe.If that wasn't the case,maybe you want to add 2-3 tablespoons of grated coconut?它让薄煎饼更美味。”natural"texture.But that would make them three ingredient pancakes.I hope that's still fine 😉

  41. Hi Howie,Red here,from sunny California.
    This is the first meal I enjoyed on my quest back to a healthy body 😀
    I used pecan meal,mexican vanilla,and cinnamon- then topped it with hunny 🙂 yummmmeh!I can't wait to share this with my family!Muchas Gracias

    • Woooww,that really does sound amazing,Red!!I make them also always when I'm home at my parents house.
      All the best with your quest!Espero que lo consigues,un saludo!!🙂

  42. I blended my bananas and eggs together before pouring into the pan.The batter burnt very quickly and then they fell apart when I tried to flip them.所以我最后一个可怕的燃烧混乱。I didn't like the taste or texture;it tasted really eggy and not in a good way.More like a banana omelette than banana pancake which wasn't what I was expecting.它基本上不能吃,我不得不扔掉它;what a waste.

    • Wooo!!!
      Really???I just made a new batch this morning and they taste as awesome as always.Of course you need ripe bananas and you need to use middle heat.Ideally a lid on top as well,so the heat circulates better.I wish you'd give them a try again (maybe check out our video?)

      Of course burnt pancakes are not edible,sorry to hear!!!

    • I agree.我尝试了不同尺寸的煎饼,小的看起来像薄煎饼,但它们的味道真的像薄的蛋饼。不可怕,but so thin and not satisfying.我可能会用一些椰子粉或其他东西给他们一点身体。

      • Coconut Flour is a great idea,I use it sometimes as well.Of course,you'll taste a bit of egg,since it's only two ingredients 😉
        But it's a minimum in my opinion.事实上,I don't eat anything that tastes like eggs,haha.I really don't like eggs by themselves.

  43. 嗯……这是一个非常简单的食谱,但是因为鸡蛋的缘故,它不是素食的。Unborn chickens anyone??

  44. I'm getting ready to try these for the first time.我通常把我非常熟的香蕉放在冰箱里,直到我准备好做香蕉面包或松饼。Do you think a thawed banana would work or will it make the batter too thin?If you recommend only"fresh"bananas please describe the ideal ripeness (some brown spots,no spots,etc).Thank you

    • Hi Tegan!Yep,I think thawed bananas would work as well,since you still have two eggs that support.I'd say almost every type of banana works,except the ones that are still green.The riper the better though 🙂

  45. well I make them and I also put one tsp of powdered vanilla to eliminate the egg smell which I can't stand.Then I drizzle honey over them,and I enjoy the #Best.Breakfast.Ever.
    Sometimes I might add some oat bran to make it thicker..I'll try making them on my toaster.See how they come out.Cheers from Greece!!

    • Hey Alexandra!!
      Glad you liked the pancakes!!Haaa,yes I know what you mean with the smell of egg.Smart move to ad some vanilla!!You want to make the pancakes on your toaster???怎么用??
      Greetings from Berlin :-))

  46. Loved these.Made these yesterday.Added some BP,chia seeds and hemp seeds,cinnamon.Cooked on lower heat and waited longer than with normal pancakes to flip THEY TURNED OUT INCREDIBLE.LOVED THE TASTE.So light and looked great.thank u

  47. Hi Howie,,
    Been looking for recipes that were a little more protein based.Made this for my girlfriend and I this morning after finding it last night.Added some peanut butter and we loved them.The first thing my girlfriend said after…these are amazing…was,they remind me of french toast!我不得不同意。Gonna make your cream cheese pancakes next (had bananas,but no cream cheese this morning lol) and can't wait!Thanks for posting this recipe!!

    • You're welcome Debbie!!Thanks for this awesome feedback,glad you guys liked them!!
      Yess,I eat these pancakes all the time.I'm such a huge fanboy of them I can't believe it 😀

  48. Its like making omelettes either it comes out in one piece or scrambled.I love these with natural yoghurt snd rasberries

  49. These are absolutely delish.I'm on a calorie controlled diet and pleased I've found something I can have for breakfast that doesn't use up my precious daily allowance.They were incredibly easy to make and really tasty.I added a couple of tablespoons of flour and some mixed spice.

  50. Mine came out too thin.Would it be better to use one egg to reduce the liquid??

    • Not sure to be honest,Gin.I mean eggs turn pretty"hard"when you fry them.I'd rather add a bit more banana or give it body with hazelnut powder,peanut butter or grated coconut.Hope you liked them at least!!

  51. Very nice recipe.Thank you for sharing!!

  52. I loved these!I heard about them awhile back and finally got around to trying them.They came out wonderfully with some cinnamon and peanut butter (great tip).I run a food blog on Instagram called @fiftyshadesoffoods and I will definitely be posting a picture up in a few weeks!!

    • Haa,some cheeky peanut butter can really make them even more addictive 😉
      Will check out your IG right now,thanks for giving these pancakes a shot,Holly!!

  53. I just now made these – put the eggs and banana in the blender and possibly blended too long as they were a bit watery and I added cinnamon and walnuts – they didn't cook up too well – burned before they were set enough to turn over.And the consistency was a little grainy – just not what I thought they'd be – but the taste was ok and since I knew there was no flour or sugar – that made them taste even better and I didn't leave anything on the plate.

  54. Joanne McKenney

    I never would have dreamed these would have turned out this yummy!Hand blended the eggs then added the mashed banana with a drop of vanilla.I've found that heating a pan over medium heat then adding coconut oil has prevented foods from sticking.用这个食谱,too.Thanks for a great recipe and taking the time to respond to the comments!Good reading!!

    • Coconut oil and medium heat for teh win!That's how I made my banana egg pancake this morning as well.It always works 😀
      Thanks for giving these a shot,Joanne!!

  55. I am about to try this recipe out but I do have a question.Have you ever tried making the batter the night before and then cook the batter the next morning?If you have,how did it turn out??

    Nice recipe and I will have to give this a shot!!

    • 你好,大卫!To be honest I always use the batch right away,because it's so quick.But I don't see a problem at all leaving it in the fridge for a night.
      I'm sure you'll like it,I'm a huge fan 😀

      • Howie and David: I made this recipe before and kept the leftovers in the fridge,well stored.第二天,我把蛋糕放在微波炉里加热,然后在上面放一些蜂蜜或枫糖浆,它们就可以了!!

  56. I think almond butter will probably work wonderfully with this recipe.I tried one of these banana/egg pancakes and loved it.Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes,almond butter works.你可以把它混入面糊中,也可以把它当作一种抹料。I tried it various times and can only give a thumbs up,haha 😀

  57. Hmmm,今天刚试过。他们还不错,(my kid loved them) but my husband and i prefer actuall pancakes to these.The good- easy and cheap to make,看起来像薄煎饼,但闻起来像香蕉面包(加了香草肉桂和肉豆蔻)的味道。非常非常好。Ugh.我不知道我在期待什么(可能是煎饼,ha!) But i didnt like the taste (eggs) and the texture was weird.Maybe next time ill up the ratio of bananas to eggs and see how that works.

    • Hi Jasmin!Glad your little one liked them!Same here,my nephew is a huge fan 😀
      Funny that you have the impression it tastes a lot like egg.事实上,I don't like eggs at all,but when I mix a mashed banana into them,I don't notice the eggy taste at all.Not sure,if these pancakes will ever suit your taste,but maybe it'll work if you mash the banana more smoothly,try a riper banana or use some tasty add-ons like coconut flour or peanut butter.

  58. 谢谢你的食谱!Rather than mash the bananas and eggs manually,I blended the eggs,banana and a pinch of cinnamon in a small blender and the pancakes came out perfectly round and cooked evenly on a non-stick skillet.I did spray the skillet with a little canola oil just in case they might stick to the pan.Just like any pancake if you wait for the 1st side to set and brown,轻轻地翻转薄饼不是问题。I used 4 tbs.对于每个薄煎饼,从一个食谱中得到一份4层的薄煎饼早餐-非常适合一个或如果你有慷慨的天性,你可以分享。Drizzled the stack with a bit of agave nectar and fresh strawberries.It was a great way to start my day!Thanks for a recipe with just the right proportion & that turned out perfect on the first try!!

  59. this was the best breakfast i had since I've been on weight watchers i added strawberries

  60. First try and an absolute MUST TRY!Really easy to make and tasted delicious.I used coconut oil which worked really well and topped with plain yoghurt and homemade mixed berry compote.Will definitely try again and recommend to others!Thanks for sharing the recipe 🙂

  61. Cindy Milliman

    Wow – as soon as I read the email I ran right to the kitchen and made these.YUM!!!!

  62. Absolutely loved the pancakes,was getting bored with my breakfast & I couldn't believe how good I felt after eating these,please send me more recipes!!

  63. I tried these and the first time I burned them.I sprayed with Pam.They are very delicate and if you make them really small they are easy to flip and are absolutely delish!只有2个智能点。

    • Hi Diana,and thanks for the feedback!I definitely agree you that flipping smaller pancakes is much easier.Glad you enjoyed the pancakes,and thanks for sharing your tips!!

  64. I've made these a bunch of times and have started playing around iwth it (adding protein powder,nuts,etc.).I wanted to reduce the amount of oil and the time spent in front of the stove,so I tried baking it a few times,但没能成功(太密集了,gross plastic film formed on top,stuck onto the casserole dish,tasted bad,etc.).

    Has anyone tried this in a waffle iron??

    • Hi,I've just had a check through the comments and I can't see that anybody has made them with a waffle…yet!我们其他的薄煎饼都是用华夫饼做的,效果很好。in fact many people are swearing the irons are the way to go.So I would say – there's only one way to find out 😉 would love to hear how you get on!!

  65. I didn't have time to read all the comments,so someone may have asked this already,but is it possible to make these ahead of time,refrigerate,then pop in the microwave in the morning.我真的不是早起的人。

    • Hi Rachael!I've just had a read through all the comments (you're right,there are hundreds!最后找到了我要找的东西。It seems you can indeed – here's what another user wrote:""Howie and David: I made this recipe before and kept the leftovers in the fridge,well stored.第二天,我把蛋糕放在微波炉里加热,然后在上面放一些蜂蜜或枫糖浆,它们就可以了!!".So I'd say certainly give it a go.Hope that helps!!

      • Thanks for digging through the comments for me!我今天早上用亚麻籽和花生酱做的。It tasted better than I expected.I thought banana and egg mashed together might not be too great,but fortunately I was wrong.I'm following the free high protein 1 week meal planner.你卖的电子书有没有像这样的几周的时间,包括虚弱的用餐计划和杂货清单??

        • Glad the banana egg pancakes turned out better than expected 😀
          The peanut butter and flax seed combo is a popular one at my home as well.Also thanks for giving our high protein meal plan a shot?Is it going ok so far??
          对于我们的电子书,我们有一个包含杂货清单的用餐计划。And then there are another 4 that don't include the grocery list.

  66. I feel so sorry for all you reviewers that you think these taste like pancakes.大声笑。(Don't be all mad at me – just having a bit of fun.) Seriously though these taste like eggs with bananas.Made these last weekend up north for my kids.Good thing there was cereal as a back up.I did eat some.All was not lost though.Our little doggy happily snarfed up the rest.我同意这些是健康的。Maybe they just need a different name… like,香蕉蛋。

    • Nah,these aren't just bananas and eggs.就个人而言,I don't like the taste of eggs at all.No fried eggs,no hard boiled eggs,nothing in that direction.BUT: 2 eggs mixed with 1 banana change everything!I almost make them daily and love these because they lost the egg taste 🙂

  67. Wow,I just made those.So delish,will be making them from on only.i think even my kids may like them.I just recently start paying more att to what I eat.LOve this one.Will check what other great ideas you have for me and my picky eaters.

    • That's very cool Ania,glad it was so helpful.Yeah finding stuff for the kids is never easy!I'm discovering that more and more every day.But there's always a way 😀

  68. Love this blog — the garbanzo-veggie pancakes have become my go-to quick dinner.But I've tried these pancakes so many times and 1.Even at a low temp,they tend to burn black on the outside before cooking in the middle and 2.if they aren't burned black on the outside they look and taste like a banana omelet,which is unspeakably awful.There must be some trick I'm missing,because it's obviously working for others.

    If anyone else has had the banana omelet experience and been discouraged — don't give up on the blog!There are some great ideas and recipes.Be sure to check out the garbanzo flour pancake recipe!It's amazing.

    • Hi Wendy,first of thanks so much for the positive feedback!I'm glad to hear the 金宝搏手机网chickpea pancakes work for you 😀
      Dave makes them quite often too.I'm on the other hand a big banana egg pancake fan.I prep them almost daily – and I'm quite surprised you're having trouble making them.
      Do you use a gas oven?If not,you really need to be careful with the heat.With electric kitchen stoves the heat is much more difficult to regulate – really set it to low,use a lid and take some time.Other than that I find the pancake tend to turn darker more quickly using butter.Coconut oil makes a"cleaner"pancake.I promise you,they usually turn out awesome!My latest version: 1 banana,2 eggs,2 tbsp coconut flakes,1汤匙Chia种子,0.5 tsp cardamom,peanut butter and blueberries = tasty AF!!(Banana Egg Pancakes)

      • Thanks Hauke!!

        Maybe the electric heat and no lid are the issues.I only have electric and don't have a frying pan with a lid.Funny story: I only own 2 pans and hate cooking with a passion.我妹妹喜欢做饭。So I sent her a link to the banana egg pancakes.She was also surprised that they didn't work for me,as they'd been easy and delicious when she made them.She said she'd tweaked he recipe a little to suit her.怎么用?Well… she'd added some flour and a little baking powder,and some cinnamon and….

        I don't have a frying pan with a lid,but I'll try these again with some foil covering it as it cooks and see if I can male it work.谢谢你的帮助!!

  69. I have tried this,回到这里再次感谢你的美味食谱

  70. Loved the pancakes 🙂

    If you want them to be a bit more firm then soft you can add oats.
    I use a small mixer thing to mix everything to batter but love the peanut butter 😀
    Gonna dd that always no on.

  71. phyllis ledoux

    hard to flip and needs a pinch of salt.i added a tiny bit of honey and coconut flour.

    • Honey and coconut flour sounds good!If flipping is an issue,sometimes a different pan or a little more oil helps a lot 🙂

  72. This is my new favorite breakfast.I won't admit how many days in a row I've made these,but I will tell you my favorite added ingredients!I always add the flax seeds and the vanilla.对于顶部,I either use lemon juice and powdered sugar,or almond butter.

    • Haha I'm with you on that one Ashley!We've all had phases with these where no other breakfast gets a look in for weeks :D.Thanks for the feedback and cool ingredient ideas!!

  73. Thanks for sharing this recipe.
    I've been trying many gluten free pancake versions at home,however none pass the kid test.These pass!!
    Added one tbsp of peanut butter & one tbsp almond meal & a few dark chocolate chips & a pinch of baking soda.
    Everything except the chocolate chips blended in a nutra bullet.I predict that blending out the bananas helps reduce the burning.
    I used the mini frying pans with a little butter,medium-low heat and covered as Haulk Fox/Dave?在其中一条评论中推荐。They browned,but did not burn.Served with mangos & raspberries

  74. Ive made these twice before,both times disasters.Wouldn't flip and just was a mess.Not even very tasty.Very eggy.但我很高兴地报告说,我刚刚用你的基本食谱(没有添加)做了一堆看起来最完美的金黄煎饼。So what was i doing wrong?I was using very ripe bananas.The type you use in cooking.Trick is to use just yellow bananas.Oops!Should have watched the video.

  75. I am a vegan.Do you have any suggestions to replace the egg protein in this recipe??

  76. These are great!Exactly what I needed as I try to eliminate some things from my diet.I wanted to share how I cooked them for my family of 4 in a large batch because I found it VERY tricky to keep the banana from burning on the pan after the first few pancakes.
    I used 4 bananas and eight eggs.
    I added 4 T of pure coconut milk(the thick kind from the can) and 2 t of vanilla for flavor.
    I was cooking in an awful metal pan…so to keep the banana from scorching and sticking to the pan I had to turn the heat to just below medium.I scooped the batter with a 1/3 measuring cup and kept the pan covered so they would set faster.I started with about a tablespoon of ghee in the pan then continually added 1/4 of a teaspoon at every flip to keep cooling the oil down.
    It made about 20 small pancakes and my kids gobbled them up as fast as traditional pancakes.

    • Hi Clarice!Really cool to hear the pancakes turned out well and your family liked them 🙂
      Very cool idea about the coconut milk.In fact I have some in my fridge now that needs to go asap.Will go in my today's batch of pancakes.I agree about the"burning issue".In my experience they are more difficult to bake on an electric or ceramic hob,because it's just so easy to regulate the heat with a gas hob.

  77. I just made these!!They were fantastic.And so easy.Thank you for this.

  78. I recently had Lap Band surgery and there are many things I have changed about my eating habits.Unfortunately I can no longer eat anything made from"dough"and although pancakes are a batter the carbs and calories are definitely not on my list.This is such a great alternative for me to use and not feel like I have lost a food that I enjoy.Thank you for this… I did try it with protein powder and with powdered peanut butter,因为我一直都在使用它们!!!Any more great recipes,or great cook book recommendations please feel free to send my way!!!!!!

    • So great to hear that you enjoyed these pancakes,Jaqie!🙂
      Never seen powdered peanut butter around but it sounds awesome!!

      • Hauke,look for Jif Peanut Powder.All the others I've seen are full of sugar,but the Jif is just peanuts.You can turn it into a sort of peanut butter (ish) thing by mixing with hot water,but I use it primarily as the gentleman above mentioned,to add protein and peanut butter flavor without adding fat.

        • That sounds really cool.The pure peanut butter I get here has got worse recently,it's really dry.I might try a little hot water on it though.谢谢你的小费!!

      • 你可以在沃尔玛买到花生酱粉

  79. I just started making these and find covering the pan while they're cooking makes a cleaner pancake.Even with"regular"pancakes 🙂 I cook them in a little butter and added blueberries and a small amount of cocoa powder.Very crepe like which I really love,reminds me of my favorite creeper from IHOP without the guilt,bloating and energy drain.Thank you so much!!

  80. Great recipe!I was unsure how this would taste,but loved the two ingredient list.Turns out,these pancakes taste amazing!For my topping,I got real ‘fancy' by microwaving blueberries and a dash of honey.这个沙司+薄煎饼=不加糖的甜点。Thanks for the recipe!!

  81. 詹姆斯C。

    I can't get enough of these pancakes.I've experimented with various ingredients and the ones I usually go with are protein powder,flaxseed,dried cranberries,oatmeal,cinnamon,还有椰子粉/米粉。

    • Awesome,James!So cool to hear.Yeahh the combo potentials are almost limitless :).Protein powder is a great reminder,I haven't done that for a while.Thanks!!

  82. I absolutely love this recipe!I made this for my kids and myself.I like that I was able to sneak in a banana without them knowing.For variation,我想知道我可以加多少面粉或燕麦使它更像一个普通的脆薄饼。This way it's a meal in one.I'll have the grain,egg,and banana.Thank you and keep up the good healthy breakfast work!!

  83. Karen Ondes

    这些绝对是最好的!Following a Weight Watcher diet is not the easiest to do.With this recipe,my mornings just got a whole lot better!I did add 1 tablespoon of pancake mix to batter and this really helped with a more pancake like structure without a ton of bloaty carbs!I also added vanilla and cinnamon and topped with fruit and 1/2 tablespoon of toasted coconut!!
    Thank you for posting,will definitely be making again!!

  84. 贾斯廷

    Hi!我觉得这个很好吃,但是我很难理解你贴的营养信息,does this recipe really have 100%+ of my daily value of cholesterol?Seems dangerous considering this would likely be first meal of the day.Not trying to be a downer by any means so can anyone explain the high percentage?Thanks!!

  85. I just can't get it right…it falls apart…can you guess what am I doing wrong???

    • Hi Suki!There's normally a couple of things that can cause that.请检查:油/黄油均匀地涂在锅上,and that the pan is a good non-stick pan.Cooking with a lid also helps,as does a low heat and a little patience :).I hope that solves it for you!!

  86. 计划做一大批量的这些,可能会加入一些可可粉,给他们一个巧克力打击。

    Do you know if they would freeze well?It may stop me eating them all in a day 😉 Although that's not a given!!

    • Hi Jo!Glad you like the recipe.I think these pancakes are awesome too 🙂
      Chocolate would go very well I'm sure.I'm also sure you can freeze them,even though I haven't tried it myself.But I know of people who do that.

  87. Thank you,made these this morning with plain yoghurt and honey on top,just so light and fluffy and very good,and very filling.Thanks for a great recipe.

  88. I find this recipe so simple and great.I love to add dark chocolate chips and/or pitted fresh cherries.Yum!!

  89. I don't even remember how I found this page but I'm glad I did!Tried this out this morning with a few changes – added an extra 1/2 banana,tiny bit of vanilla extract,and cashew butter.I left some lumps bc I love that texture.我的第一个更像鸡蛋,但我很确定这是因为我的平底锅不够热(哎呀!)2nd came out so perfect.Mind thought I was eating banana pancakes but at least I didn't have the flour carbs.


  90. Eggs…my favourite food!I gave it a good shot,used a little bit of unsalted butter to fry the pancakes and the outcome was mouth-watering!只有香蕉和鸡蛋!It serves great when cravings hit red!#unreal

  91. 我喜欢这些,但每当我把它们翻过来,它们就会毁了。所以现在我把所有的混合物倒进锅里,像炒鸡蛋一样煮。

    • 伊耶斯that definitely works as well and is similarly delicious 🙂
      昨天我成功地翻转了我最大的香蕉蛋薄煎饼。3 bananas and 4 eggs in one batter and one pan – BAM!!

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